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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Downtown LA Population Up 21% in 2 Years

Hat tip to LA Observed for pointing out a piece in the Downtown News regarding a study that shows a 21% increase in the population downtown.

Here's an excerpt from the Downtown News:
The study, prepared by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp., found that:

An estimated 28,878 people live Downtown, and that there are 9,431 market rate residences and 9,568 affordably priced units. A similar DCBID study released in early 2005 found that 23,894 residents lived in the area, marking a 21% population increase.

The median income of households in the new buildings is $99,600, a 3% climb from the 2004 figure of $96,300.

Downtown residents are investing in the community, with 30.2% of area inhabitants buying condominiums. Two years ago, 18% of the respondents had purchased units.

More than three out of four Downtowners have at least an undergraduate degree, and 28% of the local populace has a graduate or professional degree.

The median age of new Downtown residents is 31, and more than 60% of area inhabitants are single. Slightly more than half, 53.5%, are male, and 46.5% are female.

Of the new area inhabitants, 24.3% left the Westside for Downtown. More than half of the residents, 55.1%, also work in Downtown.
— TJ Sullivan in LA
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