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Sunday, February 25, 2007


To Live and Rent in LA

Curbed LA has sparked an interesting discussion after posting commentary about the Greater LA Area's claim to two of the most expensive rental markets in the US: LA and The OC.

A landlord even weighs in at LA VOICE to note the following:
As the manager of a 4-unit apartment building in North Hollywood, I have seen anxious applicants when I have the occasional vacancy and post a sign indicating that the apartments are $600/month.

They are small and simple, with window AC, no on-site laundry, one off-street parking place -- just a place to hang your hat. However they are not slums -- my family has owned them since the mid 1970s, and we have had some tenants stay for over a quarter of a century. Apartment rental is an intersection of business and peoples' private lives -- but I think some landlords think of it as pure business, and they are in business to make money. The speculation in LA is alarming, however; there is a great deal of development,and I wonder when the population density will reach some sort of critical mass when the environment won't be able to support the inhabitants
— TJ Sullivan in LA
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