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Thursday, February 28, 2008


LAO: Rocky Says Call Rosendahl

Is literary Los Angeles 'caught in LA indifference' when it comes to saving Beyond Baroque from eviction?

My latest post at LA Observed's Native Intelligence:
An e-mail went out this afternoon to those who inquired with Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo's office regarding the possible termination of Beyond Baroque's tenancy at a city-owned building in Venice [see previous post here].

The gist: Don't call us, call Council Member Bill Rosendahl.
"The City Attorney's Office does not set or control policy in leasing matters."

Also this week, Beyond Baroque's executive director, Fred Dewey, sent an e-mail to supporters that described the situation as being "down to the wire," with the non-profit's lease set to expire Saturday, March 1.
"We are a national institution caught in LA indifference."

Not sure if Dewey intended to snipe at the Los Angeles Times with that reference, but if the indifference fits ...

Read the rest at LA Observed's Native Intelligence

— TJ Sullivan in LA
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