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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


LAO: Beyond Baroque Better Clear This Up

Crossposted at LA Observed:

Photo from Beyond Baroque at flickr
The issue of Beyond Baroque's lack of a lease may not be as simple as suggested in the press release sent out Tuesday by "Friends of Beyond Baroque." [See prior post here.]

Writer and blogger Veronique de Turenne, over at the Los Angeles Times blog L.A. Now, reports that the hitch looks to have more to do with a disagreement about sharing performance space with longtime neighbor L.A. Theatre Works, and not an outright loss of "the lease pertaining to its historic theater," as stated in the news release from "Friends of Beyond Baroque."

Prior to posting today's item here and over at LA Observed, yours truly attempted to confirm the veracity of the "Friends of Beyond Baroque" press release via e-mail with Fred Dewey, executive director of Beyond Baroque.

Dewey's initial response: "I am afraid it is true. It appears something has gone very badly awry ..."

This afternoon, however, Dewey followed with an e-mail emphasizing that the "press release was not from us, to be clear, but we will probably issue one shortly."


Surely this can't just be a matter of Beyond Baroque being selfish, can it?

Of course, there's no reason to expect Beyond Baroque to do anything less than dispense with the ambiguities and say it like it is. As a proponent of self-expression, Beyond Baroque will surely settle for nothing less than the plain truth. To do otherwise would make those who take the trouble to defend its good works feel ... um ... used.

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