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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Spike Lee: 'You Cannot Deny the Seismic Shift'

Spike Lee:
"I'm still trying to put in words and feelings what I experienced last night. I did not cry last night though. I woke up early this morning and watched the various news shows and the tears were streaming, not as much as Jesse Jackson was last night, but uh ... Jesse, ooh, they were coming down with Jesse ... It was amazing. It's a new day, it's a new dawn, it's a new beginning. And I'm just blessed that I'm here and God is great. It's wonderful."

[Snip ...]

"Let's think about the pictures that we saw of McCain-Palin rallies. Contrast that with the rallies of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The Republican party is stuck in a land of TV Land — 'Leave It To Beaver,' 'Father Knows Best,' 'Howdy Doody.' That America does not exist anymore. The Republican party has got to do something because their base is totally white."


"The America that's come behind Barack, this mosaic, is the America of today — white, black, brown, yellow, various religions, gay, straight — That is the new America. And Giuliani and these other guys are stuck in the 1950s."

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