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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


'Getting My Scripts Done Is Plan B'

The West Hollywood Book Fair is Sunday.

This YouTube video was taped at last year's event. The interview with a woman named Mikki Karotkan is rather amusing:
"I know how to write a query letter. I know how to call a production company. Actually, getting my scripts done is Plan B. I got sick of Plan B. They got on my nerves and I said I'm going back to Plan A, finish my prose, get a literary agent and they can come to me ... "

But wait, there's more. Now there's that pesky problem of getting a literary agent.
"Literary agents usually don't even return the self-addressed-stamped-envelope, which is frustrating. Can't you just write 'NO' inside and send it back?"
That Plan A (actually writing the scripts) sounds like the best approach, but most writers would plunge into despair if they received their SASE back with the word 'NO' scratched inside. Sometimes no answer is better than a 'NO!' answer.

— TJ Sullivan in LA
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