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Thursday, June 19, 2008


LAO: 'Toasts evenly, too'

'Hollywood Bread' advertisement, Oakland Tribune, 1941
My latest blog entry over at LA Observed:
While researching a project completely unrelated to Southern California's well of weight loss secrets, I came across a newspaper advertisement — pictured at right — for Hollywood Bread, and, as summer is the get-skinny season, it seemed as good a reason as any to share it here (view the full ad at this link).

You don't have to be a Los Angeleno to greet all diet claims with immediate suspicion, if not full-on Fran-Drescheresque laughter, but given this Hollywood Bread advertisement was published in the Oakland Tribune nearly 70 years ago, it not only amused me, but deepened my understanding of human gullibility and the pitfalls of misfiling long-term lessons in the short-term memory bin of our brains ...
Read the full entry at LA Observed.

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