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Monday, December 01, 2008


The Volt Bolts

Photo by TJ Sullivan

KNBC journalist Patrick Healy reports at NBC Los Angeles that the LA Auto Show bid a hasty (and early) goodbye to GM's Volt, the electric vehicle that my Detroit auto-industry-employed friends and family say is sure to save the company:
Had it been purloined in the middle of the night by a rival carmaker? Or worse yet, by a foreign agent? Nope. Turns out GM itself moved the Volt in response to a higher calling.

"They need it back in Washington," was the explanation offered on the show floor by a Chevrolet "Product Specialist." Under further questioning by show visitor Bob Hackl, the product specialist explained that GM top brass plan to make use of the Volt in a presentation to Congress.

GM says car buyers will be able to buy the Volt in the 2010 model year, which begs the question ... why does General Motors appear to have only ONE built-and-running prototype Volt in the world right now?

Kinda, sorta related: A Sea of Unwanted Imports in LA.

— TJ Sullivan in LA
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