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Saturday, April 11, 2009


April is Poetry Month: No. 1

So ... I figured I'd drag out a few old poems, and publish a new one or two.

Summer In Los Angeles
by T.J. Sullivan © 2009

I only miss
The damp cool
Of  basement cellars
In desert heat,

When the sun feels
Like an obsession
For driveway bugs,

That's when I miss
The dark nooks
Of  granite pantries
And cement floors,

I lay in bed
Kick the sheets
Watch gray dust bunnies
Cling to the fan,

Beads of sweat soak
My pillow
New ideas melt
Into brown stains,

In the kitchen
I drop ice
In tiffany glasses
To watch it crack,

Cubes hiss and die
Shrink and fade
And then I swallow
A brief escape,

I pour myself
Back to bed
Slip between warm sheets
And dream of mold.

— TJ Sullivan in LA


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