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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Volcano Was 'A Lava, Not A Fighter'

Graphic by TJ Sullivan ©2010
I got a very nice write-up today from Courtney Hazlett, a broadcast journalist and author of The Scoop for MSNBC's TodayShow.com.

Courtney and I spoke Wednesday about the two weeks I spent procrastinating, er, I mean writing more than 100 humorous Tweets from the persona of the Icelandic volcano @Eyjafjallajokul. It was great fun, and, much to my surprise, remarkably popular. I did nothing to promote it, didn't follow a single person who wasn't following me first, and yet, somehow, it attracted more than 2,500 followers in less than two weeks time. So why stop? Because there's only so much funny in one character. As I mentioned to Courtney, the volcano had the good sense to stop, and so did I. Just imagine the needless suffering that could have been eliminated had the producers of the Police Academy movies shown such restraint.

From Courtney's column:
In the real world, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano was a menace, but in the Twitter world, @Eyjafjallajokul was “a lava, not a fighter.”

Between April 15 and April 27, the ash-spewing Icelandic volcano had a Twitter persona — and a following of 2,510, at last count.

[SNIP ...]

The man behind it is T.J. Sullivan, journalist and author of the novel “Boon.” Sullivan said via phone that doesn’t make a habit of tweeting in the voice of a natural disaster, but this was “a great way to procrastinate” as he works on his second book.

Read the full column at this link.

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PLEASE NOTE: There may be some disruption in accessing my blog during the coming weeks as I migrate to a new blogging software. I currently use the Blogger FTP Publishing platform, but it is set to be shutdown for good on May 1.

-- TJ Sullivan is the author of the novel Boon.
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